Friday, April 25, 2008

Of Permanent Shade

Their thoughts are frozen
And decay is lost

The soul is gone, but
So is the body

Immortality is attained
through a blotted still

Each is trapped
Unable to escape--
the gruesome death
that was never revealed in light.
(A memoir of the Hiroshima shadows)

Here are my group member's poems using eight of the same words:
Shadows frozen in time
Immortal they died
Unable to escape the gruesome light
The everyday life they lost
Is still blotted in our minds
Forever frozen are the Shadows of Hiroshima
I am frozen in time,
Secured by the light
Blotted by the soot,
And gone by night
I am lost from reality,
I’ve escaped from life
Devoured by a gruesome death,
Fueled by international strife
I am still in the shadows,
I am unable to grow
This is no mortal grave,
On this wall, my death shows
Failure to escape
The success of being frozen in time
Forever still, a once living memorial
Lost in light,
A life blotted out
The shadowed ash cannot be lost

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