Friday, May 9, 2008

Free Rice (& empowerment)

I went to and entered the word "hunger." I wanted to see what kinds of sites would appear. Well, I found what I thought I would, but there was something missing. Over Thanksgiving last year, my mother had been told about this vocabulary game online. I thought "oh great, she's going to suggest that my siblings and I play this game instead of the other things we do online." Then, she started playing it often. I also started playing it, and I was hooked. The website that hosts this "game" is called For every correct definition of the word you are able to produce, TWENTY grains of rice are donated to help curb world hunger. Now, I can go and look at the thousands of websites that pop up on Google to help fight world hunger and possibly war (we all know there are many wars that stem from food), but to me, they are nothing in comparison to this game. With this game, I feel like I am doing something that I've never done before. Sure, I've donated money and canned goods and whatever else, but this is something I can do with my mind. In the end, intellect is more powerful than anything, even hunger.

I would have never been able to do something as simply with my mind to help others without this silly game. So, I am challenging whoever reads this to go to
freerice and see how far and how long they will play to get that rice. (my record is four hours on Thanksgiving.. can you beat it?)

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