Friday, May 9, 2008

An End

First, thank you for this class. I really can't communicate how much I appreciated it. You have made me want to take more English classes... To be honest, I didn't think that was possible. Again, thank you. Here are my final works:

1) I remember (Creative Piece)
--probably my favorite. There was something about that day.
2) The Violinist (Photo Analysis)
--Definitely fell in love with this photo, despite the context.
3) Of Permanent Shade (Group Effort)
--I read these poems over and over. I think this is the best I've written in terms of poetry.
--I had a bit of trouble composing this one, but I think I said what I wanted.
5) A Burial Party (Photo Analysis)
--It gnawed at me.. I couldn't leave it out.
6) Which is which? (Group Effort)
--I think Sarah and I worked well together. I wonder if can tell our stories apart.
7) Dear Grandpa (Letter #2)
8) Free Rice (Medium Pusher)
--Can you imagine a world where rice is free?
9) The Host (Creative Piece)
--This was one of my previous posts that is now revamped and completely different.
10) A Dream (My Own)
11) So then Mockingbirds (Fun One)
-- I really do like this poem. I think it turned out better than any of us anticipated.

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