Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Host

A new novel comes out in four days. It will tell a story of a war many of us are familiar with, yet it is still its own. The Host is by Stephenie Meyer. It is a preview of a world where an alien species referred to as seekers take over the human race. They implant themselves into human bodies and are normally able to completely consume their hosts in both physical control and memory. However, there is one human that does not succumb to her invader as easily. As far as I have read, this is the element that drives the plot and makes it relevant when discussing war within the human world. Even a species that is considered "inhuman" cannot escape our condition or the wars that result. "That's what I like about science fiction," Meyer says. "It's the same thing I like about Shakespeare. You take people, put them in a situation that can't possibly happen, and they act the way you would act. It's about being human." And sometimes there's nobody quite as human as somebody who isn't.
--I am so excited to read this novel that I could just sleep through the next four days. That's going to be another battle I have with myself.. go to class or sleep until the host comes out.


Kristen's Raw said...

I will check out the book straight away! And... I am crazy for the Aurora Borealis.

Do you watch Battlestar Gallactica?

We have much in common...sports, twilight, stars, science fiction...


Kristen's Raw said...

The Raw chocolate is available online through Amazon (probably the best deal available!). Are you able to do that?

Kristen's Raw said...

UofA? Right on! Did you know I'm in Scottsdale? You should be able to find the chocolate at Whole Foods (although I suspect Amazon will still be cheaper).

Keep up the blogging, you're great at it. And, I love your pics!